VPF EQUIPMENT was Established in April, 2013 to sell supplies for Oil and Gas Industry inside United States and Export to other Countries. We comercialize a wide range of products from best Manufacturers of America to provide to all Our Clients Reliable Product line.

We proudly representing famous brands from all around world leading in process instrumentation fields like:

  • Controlair, Inc. Precision Pneumatic and Electroneumatic Controls.
  • Aplisens, S.A. Pressure Transmitters, Flowmeters and Smart Positioners.
  • Trojan Battery, batteries and Accessories.
  • Cyberpower Systems, Inc.  UPS backup systems.
  • Rototherm, Ltda. Mechanical and Electronic Chart Recorders for pressure, Temperature and Flow.


Bring to our Customers a wide spectrum of Solutions into Instrumentation & Control Systems, Valves and Electrical Products.

Solving the maintenance requirements and be a trusted advisor on process instrumentation projects.

Providing Endurance, reliability, and accuracy in all devices to increase the productivity and profits of our clients through savings in operating costs.


  • Growth customer´s productivity through supply high performance measuring products.
  • Saving money for our clients bringing on Reliable and Low Maintenance Equipments.